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去年の2/18付の国際大学スポーツ連盟(略称 FISU)発信のニュースでマリボルの辞退を報じ、3/16付のニュースで代替国はイタリアと報じていました。(以下後者の記事)

Quote :
FISU moves 2013 Winter Universiade away from Maribor to Trentino to safeguard the 26th Edition

TRENTINO - Earlier this month FISU has announced the removal of the rights fromMaribor to host the 2013 Winter Universiade as its Organizing Committee had been facing difficulties. Due to the serious delays in the construction of the sports infrastructures necessary for the organization of the games, the recent lack of government funding and the collective resignation of the entire Organizing Committee of the 2013 Winter Universiade, as well as its liquidation, FISU needed to take the necessary steps to safeguard the hosting of the 26th Winter Universiade in 2013.

FISU now proudly announces that an agreement has been reached with the Trentino region in Italy to step in as host of the 26th Winter Universiade. FromTrento, FISU SG/CEO Eric Saintrond commented: ‘We are extremely happy with this outcome. Trentino has all venues in place and has great experience in hosting snow and ice sport events. Of course FISU will provide this substitute host with the needed support to stage a wonderful event for the participants. We owe this to our student-athletes. It also shows the strength of our organization and the FISU Family, securing continuity of our Games in a moment of crisis.’
こういうこともあるんですね! 珍しいことだと思います。


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