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投稿件名: 【フォーラム情報】キャロラインGの3-3判定に批判   Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:44 pm

海外の大手フィギュア・スケート・フォーラムGolden Skate(以下GS)とISUの公式掲示板であるDisucussion Boardで昨日行われた全米選手権女子SPにおけるキャロライン・ジャンのスコアに不満の声があがっています。



"that triple loop/triple loop was the best ive seen.. i was utterly shocked that got downgraded! it is quite obvious they are telling her they dont want her on their team, ever.... she would have scored much better anywhere else...(あの3l-3lは自分が見たものの中で最高だった。ダウングレードされたとしってかなりショックを受けた。明らかに全米スケ連は彼女に二度と代表チームに入れたがっていないことを示しているかに見えた…他のどこの大会であっても、もっと高いスコアが出ただろう…)"


"I wonder if she is still positive after last night. Perhaps she should consider skating for China, the native country of her family, if the USFS doesn't want her(昨夜の演技の後でも彼女は前向きな姿勢を保てているだろうか。全米スケ連が彼女を不要だと言うなら、彼女の両親の母国である中国の選手に転身することを検討しても良いのではないか)"




"What is with the USFS? Caroline has never been their golden child, but downgrading a first triple loop, underrotating the next triple loop, then downgrading her triple flip? To add insult, they gave massive negative GOEs as well. If they want to keep her off the podium, they need to be more sneaky. This competition fixing is too blatant.(全米スケ連はどういうつもりなんだ?キャロラインは彼らにとって特別光る存在だったことは今までなかったとは言え、最初の3LをDGし、次の3LをURにし、更に3FまでDGするとは?屈辱を増すためか、大量の-GOEも同時に与えた。もし、彼女を表彰台から遠ざけたいと意図してやっているのなら、もっと目立たないやり方でやったらどうだ。この大会の工作はあからさま過ぎる。)"


"The problem is Caroline's jumps are still not great and she just doesn't skate with tons of speed which the judges like and she's not great in any area of her skating. But still her score was way lower then it should have been.(問題はキャロラインのジャンプがまだ素晴らしいという域には達しておらず、またジャッジが好む途轍もないスピードで滑っているわけでもない上、他の要素でも最高級までは至っていないということだ。でも、彼女のスコアは実際に与えられるべきだったものよりかなり低かったとは思う。)"


皮肉なことに、全米選手権が始まる前に"Skater Caroline Zhang takes positive approach(スケーターのキャロライン・ジャン、前向きに臨む)"というタイトルで、彼女と彼女のコーチの取材に基づいた記事がOrange Country Register紙に掲載されていた(ネット配信Jan. 23, 2013 Updated: 1:32 p.m.)。


Quote :
Skater Caroline Zhang takes positive approach

ARTESIA – On a recent morning Caroline Zhang took the ice at the East West Ice Palace — the Rink That Michelle Built — for one of her final training sessions before this week's U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Omaha, Neb.

During a practice that in an hour seemed to encapsulate and mirror her career — flashes of brilliance and rare grace interrupted by unexpected falls — Zhang conferred with Peter Oppegard, her coach and the brother-in-law of five-time World champion Michelle Kwan. Karen Kwan, Oppegard's wife, Michelle's sister and Zhang's choreographer, stood nearby at the rink operated by Danny Kwan, Michelle's and Karen's father.

Zhang, however, would find another skater just as elusive as Kwan — herself.

Zhang was raised in Brea but grew up on the ice, chasing through the glare of a global spotlight the expectations created by her early success over a hard, slippery and unforgiving path.

Zhang was an international sensation at 13, an Olympic medal contender at 15, a bust at 16 and now, at 19, the comeback kid in a sport not known for granting second chances.

During the training session, Zhang struggled with a triple-loop, triple-loop jump combination, falling twice before finally nailing the back-to-back jumps. That determination, along with hints of heartbreak, excitement, resiliency and a maturity that belie her age, were all present in Zhang's voice as she recalled after the practice a career that has seen her soar toward the stars and crash hard, each time picking herself up and bravely skating on.

Zhang was asked if she was finally at peace with her sport.
"Define 'at peace,'" she replied.

At the very least she has arrived at a place where she can skate on her own terms, finally freeing herself of chasing the expectations that have loomed over her career almost from its inception. Zhang and Oppegard arrived in Omaha without specific goals for the competition, determined to be swayed by neither the excitement that followed her bronze medal finish at the Four Continents, which cast her back into the Olympic medal picture, nor by a pair of disappointing finishes earlier this season on the ISU Grand Prix circuit.
"I feel like I've wasted a lot of seasons where I feel like I could have done a lot better," Zhang said. "And of course I regret that, but I think I've come to a point of acceptance where I know where I stand and I feel like can accept that and work with that and see how far I can go with that."

When Zhang skates to center ice at the CenturyLink Center to start her short program Thursday, she will be stand on familiar ground, an underdog once again embraced by a sport that only a year ago had written her off.

At first it seemed so effortless for Zhang. She followed her 2007 World Junior title with a bronze medal at Skate America and a silver at Cup of China, two prominent Grand Prix stops, then fourth-place finishes at the 2007 Grand Prix final and a few weeks later the 2008 U.S. Championships. In placing third at the 2009 U.S. Championships, Zhang pronounced herself not only a contender for a spot on the 2010 U.S. Olympic team but for a medal at the Vancouver Games as well.

"She was such an amazing talent when she came onto the scene and she carried that pressure with her for a lot of years and just excelled and excelled and excelled," Oppegard said.

In the spring of 2009 it began to unravel. Zhang switched coaches and then a few weeks later returned to her original coach. A growth spurt added 5 inches and 20 pounds to her 4-foot-something, 90-pound frame. With the growth came injuries that kept her off the ice for extended periods.

"And somewhere along the line with the body transformation and things it was hard to keep that momentum," Oppegard said. "And I think she secretly wanted that pressure to go away. Then it did."

A series of catastrophic mistakes just moments into her short program at the 2010 U.S. Championships knocked her out of contention for a spot on the Olympic team. She faded to 11th place.

"Wow, I just screwed up the last four years of my training," Zhang recalled thinking.
She changed coaches in July 2010, then switched to Oppegard in January 2011. Zhang was 12th at the 2011 U.S. Championships.

"It was hard for me to deal with because it was just mistake after mistake after mistake on my part," Zhang said.

But rock bottom came at Skate America in October 2011. Injury free and coming off months of solid training, Zhang was ready for a breakthrough, but was devastated by a sixth-place finish.

A few days later Zhang returned to the ice in Artesia and completed the program flawlessly.

"And then I broke down and cried," she said.

"She came back from the specific incident that no matter how I think I've trained, I can do more," Oppegard said. "And from that moment she looked forward and not back. What can I do, what I can improve to make sure the next one's better and the next one's better and the next?

"Rather than giving up, she went the other way."

At the time, Zhang's goal was simple. "I just want to become relevant again," she said.
Relevancy was just around the corner. Her third-place finish was one of the biggest surprises of the 2012 U.S. Championships. She then delivered the best performance of her career en route to the bronze medal at Four Continents.

"I've finally ended the season happy," Zhang said.

Happy and relevant. "By Four Continents she was proving to the country and I think to the world she was completely relevant," Oppegard said.

Zhang also proved something else — that beneath the sequins and frills, behind the beaming smile is a fighter who, no matter how hard the fall, refused to stay down.
"I know the generic answer here would be to say I love skating and that I just want to keep skating no matter what people say, but honestly it's more that I had something to prove," Zhang said when asked why she continued after years of adversity. "Of course I do love skating. But I didn't write myself off even though there are many times where I know that I probably should have with what I was scoring, my horrible placements at nationals, the bad performances, so many factors in the way that were creating things that I'm sure made a lot of people write me off.

"I had a chain of injuries, three bad years in a row. But I still always have to keep thinking you had a chance of doing it or there's no point in trying, and I never gave that up."





"I know the generic answer here would be to say I love skating and that I just want to keep skating no matter what people say, but honestly it's more that I had something to prove(一般的な答えとしてはスケートを愛しているから、人が何と言おうとスケートを続けたいだけみたいなものだと分かっているけれど、正直なところ、それ以上に自分には証明しなければならない何かがあったからだと思う)"


こうした前置きもあり、海外では昨日のジャンのSPに対する採点はアンダースコアだという声がGSでは多いのかもしれない。ただし、他のフォーラムと比べて選手に対してかなりシビアな意見が飛び交うこともよくあるISUのDiscussion Boardでさえ、ジャンの演技に対するスコアが不当だったと述べている投稿もあるので、単なる同情からそうした意見が出ていると切り捨てることはできないだろう。

そもそも、全米選手権の女子シングルに関してはDiscussion Boardのアクティヴ・メンバー(読むだけでなく投稿をするメンバー)のほとんどがアシュリー・ワグナーの優勝はまず間違いなく、それにクリスティーナ・ガオや長洲未来が続くだろうと予想していた。こうした予想の中には、決して彼女達の実力だけをもとに判断したのではなく、ジャッジの「好み」と全米スケ連の「意向」を考慮したものも含まれている。Disucussion Boardのアクティヴ・メンバーらの間では、こうした各国連盟の「意向」や「作戦」等はフィギュア・スケートという競技に当然含まれており、スコアリングにもそれらが少なからず反映されると当たり前のように考えられているのだ。

SPを滑り終えたジャンは満足そうであり、意外にも低いスコアが出た際には客席が大きくどよめいた。スコアが出るまでは日本のJ SPORTSでの生中継のコメンテーターらもジャンの3L-3Lの出来栄えを褒めていた。海外だけでなく、日本国内でもジャンのSPに対する評価に疑問を感じた人々も大勢いることだろう。


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